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Latest Tech NewsLatest News- WhatsApp will be blocked in 2022?

Latest News- WhatsApp will be blocked in 2022?

As you can see on social media and WhatsApp app a video is continuously going viral. In that video you can hear that someone is saying WhatsApp will going to be blocked in worldwide.

A blog “TechTudo” contacted WhatsApp team advisory to understand about this matter of viral news and video. He asked them “Is there and decision of blocking WhatsApp in 2022, The advisory said that there is no such plan like this, This viral news is from 2015”.

But recently WhatsApp team get to know about this viral video and news and they said on this news that “ The video you are seeing being viral on all social media platforms are from 2015”.

The video in question is linked to a blockage made in 2015, when WhatsApp refused to share conversations considered important to a process, in violation of court orders. At the time, the First Criminal Court of São Bernardo asked phone operators in Brazil – such as Vivo, Oi, Claro and TIM – to block the messenger for 48 hours.

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