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Latest Tech NewsWhat Is Telegram Latest Features in 2022? The Gadgets World

What Is Telegram Latest Features in 2022? The Gadgets World

What Is Telegram Latest Features in 2022?

Telegram Latest Update 8.4, New Exciting Features Introduced by Telegram.

Recently you have noticed that Telegram has introduced the newest features in their app. The new feature is launched on 31st December 2021. Telegram has closed its year with the latest bulk features-packed update. And you can see their way of celebrating the new year, they did nothing but a lot for their users with the new Telegram update 8.4. Let’s talk briefly about the latest feature.

What Is Telegram Latest Features in 2022?

  • The new Telegram update 8.4 has been introduced with a number of exciting features such as i-message like – message reactions, spoilers formatting style, in-app translation, and more.
  • The new Telegram features allow their user to react to messages with particular emojis just like it’s done on i-message, Instagram, Facebook messenger. Old users also knew this feature and they would be happier to see this update in Telegram.
  • Telegram users will get an option to disable or enable this new Telegram 8.4 update feature.
  • Another new feature is called spoilers and which is introduced by Telegram can let their users add new fun experiences to messaging.
  • One more thing these all features in available for android users but what for ios users, ios devices running ios-15 will only support this Telegram 8.4 update lower-end devices than ios 15 users cant enjoy this new feature update.

Telegram Features 2022

Telegram is closing 2021 with a feature-packed update. The new update, version 8.4, introduced a number of exciting features such as iMessage-like message interactions, style spoilers (spotted earlier last week), in-app translation, and more. Here’s a look at all these new Telegram features.

With the reactions feature, users will be able to reply to messages with a specific emoji, just as they do on iMessage, Instagram, and even Facebook Messenger. Message reactions will be available to users in chats and group/individual channels and will have their own animations.

One of the interesting things about reactions to messages is that people will be able to customize them to their liking. On Android, this can be done by heading to Settings -> Quick Reaction, while on iOS, users will have to go to Settings -> Stickers & Emojis -> Quick Reaction. Telegram users will also get the option to enable or disable the feature.

Another feature is called Spoilers brings a fun new experience to messaging. It allows people to hide certain parts of the message using the Spoiler format. The message will only be fully visible once the user has clicked on it. Telegram also has a translation feature for users to translate easily from within the app. This feature is available for all Android users but for iOS devices running iOS 15 and more.

Users can enable the feature by heading to Settings -> Language and this will add a custom translation option next to the context menu. There will be an option to exclude the languages ​​you speak fluently. Telegram will also allow users to create themed QR codes for users to quickly show their profiles to others.

In addition, the messaging platform now includes more interactive emojis that will have a full-screen effect once sent to a 1-on-1 chat. Additionally, the platform has a redesigned context menu for macOS, which adds new shortcut tips and animated icons.

All these new Telegram features have started rolling out for Android and iOS users. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

That’s all for today these are the latest news from Telegram Update 8.4. For more tech news and the latest technology updates, you can follow us on social sites – Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Telegram.

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