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Best Buy LatestTop 3 Best Room Heater In India 2021

Top 3 Best Room Heater In India 2021

Top 3 Best Room Heater In India 2021

Room Heater For Winters

In this blog we are going to review about (Top 3 Best Room Heater In India 2021). So winters can be very harsh, especially in the northern parts of India. Sometimes, the temperature drops below 10 or 5 degrees. Duvets or duvets may not be enough to handle such inclement weather. So we are reviewing the best room heater in India.

So, the best room heater is the perfect solution. These devices can keep enough heat and warmth inside the room even during the bitter cold months.

Several models of room heater are available in the Indian market. To choose the right one according to your requirements, consider the following factors .

Heating technology: two different technologies are observed in room heater – radiation and convection. If you want to warm up a room or a small space, convection is a good choice. However, for large spaces and spot heating, the radiant heating technique is beneficial.

Infrared room heater use radiant technology. While the fan and oil filled heater use convection technology. If you are looking for microwave ovens you can check our recent blog on best microwave ovens for Indian homes.

Size: As a rule of thumb, remember a room heater uses 10 watts to heat 1 square foot of space. So, to heat 150 square feet, a room heater uses 1500 watts. If you want a custom account according to your requirements, below you will find the formula.

The formula for calculating the required wattage according to the square foot area

Total Wattage / 10 = Total Square Foot Area (OR)

Total square foot area x 10 = total wattage

Aside from these two factors, you should also consider other factors such as noise levels, temperature, heat settings, safety features, and more. Our buying guide contains detailed descriptions of factors and information to best help you.

Best Room Heater in India

1. Solimo 2000-Watt Room Heater.

2. Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater.

3. Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Heat Convector Room Heater.

Top 3 Best Room Heater in India : Review 2021

1. Solimo 2000-Watt Room Heater.

Top 3 Best Room Heater In India 2020Solimo is an Amazon brand that makes all kinds of budget home products. This is our number one recommendation for anyone looking for a room fireplace.

Featuring a convection heating technology of 2000 watts, it is able to generate sufficient heat for a small to medium room. Maximum room size is 200 square feet.

There are knobs to control the temperature and heat setting. The temperature can be adjusted from hot, warm and cold, depending on the weather. The fan will distribute the warm air throughout the room. You can also use it as a regular fan with cool air in the warmer seasons.

There is an overheat protection that shuts down the engine if it reaches a dangerously high temperature (130 ° C). An automatic shutdown feature that disconnects the power connection if the internal temperature exceeds 126 degrees.

The body is made of fire-resistant plastic, which makes it safe around children and pets. Due to its small size, it is easy to move and store away when not in use. Best room heater can be fixed to the wall horizontally or vertically – great for keeping it out of children’s reach.

The Solimo room heater comes with a one-year warranty on the body and engine parts. You may notice some burning smell in the first few uses, which is normal. Engine varnish is heated for the first time.


  • Versatile and sturdy.
  • Two thermostats.
  • Automatic shutdown, overheat protection.
  • Removable wall.
  • Compact in size, easy to store.
  • Affordable, affordable, affordable.
  • One year warranty from Amazon itself.


  • The fan speed is not adjustable.
  • The length of the rope is short.

2. Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater.

Top 3 Best Room Heater In India 2020

The Indian brand is one of the largest suppliers of household electrical products. The convection fan heater from Orpat is one of their best inventions. At a slightly higher price, this is our second recommendation for you.

This room heater is powered by a 2500W motor, and it is capable of heating a room of 250 square feet. It is excellent at heating up stains which means that it heats up quickly within a few minutes. Hence, this is an ideal choice for a medium sized room.

You get two heat settings – 2000W and 1000W, to keep you comfortable in the weather. When the outside temperature is cold, adjust the setting of 2000W when set the relative heat of 1000W to save energy consumption.

You can adjust the fan speed by using the other knob. The fan cabinet uses a non-heating function that works as a normal fan. The exterior is beautifully crafted to protect your hands from accidental burns. It even has a touch sensor.

It has every safety feature from thermal cutoff – cuts off the power delivery when internal components reach a dangerous temperature. Safety cut-off, which turns off the machine when the required temperature is reached.

The integrated handle makes it easy to move. best room heater design looks sophisticated with your interiors, and the size is perfect for storing out of reach.

Orpat OEH comes with a one-year warranty that covers the body and engine parts. Some people mentioned that it burned out. One has to keep in mind that it requires a 16 amp plug, any less than that can ignite.


  • Ideal for local heating.
  • Light in weight and small in size.
  • 2 thermostat settings.
  • Fan speed is adjustable.
  • Touch sensor and thermal cutoff.
    The length of the wire is long.


  • Only a few service centers across the country.
  • Noisy fan.

3. Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Heat Convector Room Heater.

Top 3 Best Room Heater In India 2020

Bajaj has one of the largest service centers across the country. If you are looking for a room heater with high quality, performance and reliability, this is the buy.

Like other convection room heater, Bajaj Majesty also uses a fan to disperse heat. It is a 2000 watt heater that can heat up a room with a maximum area of ​​200 square feet.

It has two heat settings, 1000 watts and 2000 watts. Therefore, you can get the convenience to adjust the room temperature according to the weather. In summer, you can use the convection fan as a regular fan.

The design is aesthetically pleasing. Not only does it look sophisticated, but it is also safe with children and pets around. The outer body is cool to the touch to protect your hands from accidental burns.

Internal safety features include a thermal cut-off that automatically turns off the machine if internal components reach an unsafe temperature. There is also a thermal fuse for added safety.

Due to its size, you can store it anywhere in a cupboard or under the bed. It provides two installation methods – horizontal and vertical. Unfortunately, it lacks a carrying handle. Therefore, when it is heated, it can be very dangerous to move it.

The best thing with the Bajaj Majesty RX11 is its two-year warranty, which guarantees its robust build quality. Moreover, Bajaj has many service centers. You will likely find one near your place.

One customer said the plug is smaller than expected. Well, you need to install 16 amp jack for this 2000 watt heater.


  • Instant warm air.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Thermal cut, cool to touch body.
  • Durable build quality.
  • Excellent appearance.
  • Bidirectional mounting facility.


  • Lack of carrying handle.
  • Noisy fan.

Faq- Frequently Asked Questions.


1. Does a room heater burn oxygen in the air?

No, a room heater will not burn oxygen unless there is nothing else burning in the room. Since these devices use electrical current to produce heat and convection to circulate it, the oxygen in the room will not be burned.

2. What are the best brands of room heaters in India?

Some of the top brands that provide room heaters are Orpat, Bajaj, Black & Decker, Orient, Havells, Morphy Richards, Usha, among others. You can also buy room heaters online from these brands. Online purchases contain benefits like discounts and free shipping.

3. Room heater or central heating system, which one saves money?

Actually, it will depend on you. If you plan to purchase separate heaters for separate rooms, then this is not possible, they will consume much more electricity compared to central heating systems.
If you live in a calm climate where you do not need central heating throughout the year, then choosing a room heater will be more expensive and effective. Top 3 Best Room Heater In India 2021. Warm the room before crawling into bed, warm it up to a comfortable temperature, unplug the device and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

4. Does the room heater produce carbon monoxide?

No electric heater emits carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is released when the fuel is burned and the electric heater does not burn the fuel. However, if you do purchase a gas heater, there are chances of carbon monoxide poisoning so you need proper ventilation and chimneys. We suggest that you do not choose a gas heater.

5. Is it okay to leave a room fireplace unattended?

No, do not leave the room heater unattended. This is more dangerous if you have children or pets at home. They can touch it and burn themselves, hit the device on the ground, or place a flammable object next to or above it that could start a fire. Always unplug the device before living in a room.

6. Is it safe to sleep through the night with the heater on?

Although the room heater is made as safely as possible, it is not completely safe to sleep with the heater on. There can be many reasons to avoid sleeping with a fireplace.
* Even if your heater is equipped with an automatic shutdown feature, there is still a risk if you have old wires in

7. What size heater should I buy?

If you want a room heater to heat up the entire room, go for a larger heater with more wattage. Go with the smaller, portable and lightweight models if you think you’ll be using them or transporting them in different rooms.

8. Where should I keep my room fireplace?

Room heaters should always be in a safe place out of children’s reach. Keep it a safe distance from wooden furniture, flammable items, window curtains, and the sofa. Choose a heater with at least 70 feet of wire that gives you the flexibility to place it in a safe corner of your room. For best results, keep it 5-6 feet away.


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