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Buy The Best Airbuds Under 3000 India 2021

Buy The Best Airbuds Under 3000 India 2021 | BUY ON AMAZON

  • Each earbud includes an advanced 10mm dynamic driver, providing deep bass definition.
  • Feel enhanced depth and detail with every beat.
  • Transform your own voice. Elevate your sound level with dynamic 3D stereo with Dolby Atmos and panoramic sound fidelity using the latest digital Dirac Audio Tuner technology.
  • A full charge provides a class-leading battery life of 20 hours – 5 hours in the earbuds and 15 hours in the charging case.
  • Just 10 minutes of fast charging lets you connect to 3 hours of vibrant and vibrant sound.
  • Your life has no limits. An impressive IP55 rating ensures excellent water and sweat resistance.
  • The waterproof nano coating repels water, and provides protection from corrosion.
  • The OnePlus Buds Z headphones are built to last and withstand some of the most popular sessions in the gym.
  • Connect with friends with Buds Z. Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, dual microphones, and OnePlus noise reduction algorithms combine to provide exceptional clarity and stability in calls.
  • The Fast Pair feature allows you to pair automatically. Every time you open the case, Quick Connect instantly connects to your phone for a truly seamless music experience.
  • Buy The Best Airbuds Under 3000 India 2021.


Buy The Best Airbuds Under 3000 India 2021

Topic: Buy The Best Airbuds Under 3000 India 2021.

One Plus Buds Z

Color: Grey Brand: One Plus

OnePlus made its long-awaited entry into best wireless airbuds under 3000 sector earlier this year with the OnePlus Buds. Despite their affordable and good looking. I didn’t find the company’s first true wireless headphones compelling enough to recommend some excellent competing options available too, in my review.

Interestingly, the company’s second true wireless headset is already here, and it is looking to address many of the concerns affecting its more expensive counterpart. Fit within channel for better noise isolation on the OnePlus Buds Z. While the OnePlus Buds feature a more modern and stylish design and an external fit to the ear, the OnePlus Buds Z looks a little more traditional.

The design is quite familiar, with the earbuds looking a lot like those on the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 and the Bullets Wireless Z. This includes bulging in the casings, channel fit, and glossy texture on the outer side.

The OnePlus Buds Z is available in two colors, white and gray, which gives the interesting Nord Blue option (seen on the OnePlus Buds). Although there was nothing wrong with the colors OnePlus chose, I thought it was simple and a little boring. The company has opted to use safer and more muted color options for its affordable, true wireless headphones.

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The pill-shaped charging case, with horizontal ear holes, similar to Huawei FreeBuds 3i. As with the Huawei headset, I found this arrangement a bit confusing, and although the earphones are magnetically held in place, they are more difficult and less user-friendly than the charging cases with portrait orientation. There is an indicator light on the front, and a USB Type-C charging port and pairing button on the back.

The outer sides of the OnePlus Buds Z headphones are touch sensitive to control, which can be customized directly through the OxygenOS Bluetooth settings if you have a OnePlus smartphone. Only the double tap function can be used on each earbud, and it can be set to play / pause music, skip tracks or summon the virtual voice assistant on your smartphone, which doesn’t really give you much control from the earbuds. Other combinations of flicks or gestures are not used in the OnePlus Buds Z.

There is also corrosion detection, so the music will automatically play or pause when the earbuds are placed or taken off in succession. As with the OnePlus Buds, this cannot be turned off.

Sound Quality

OnePlus’ first attempt at truly wireless earbuds was less than ideal, thanks to the often-short bass tuning. With the OnePlus Buds Z, there’s a huge improvement in audio quality. This is partly due to the fit within the channel, which ensures adequate noise isolation and well-directed audio, but thanks also to the fact that the AAC Bluetooth codec is supported at Rs. 3000 pairs of true wireless earbuds.


When it comes to gadgets and technology, the second time is often magic, especially when brands are trying to introduce new product segments. The OnePlus Buds Z is a great example of exactly that; It costs best wireless airbuds under 3000 fewer than the OnePlus Buds, but thematically better in almost every respect. From fit and comfort to sound, this is an excellent pair of truly wireless earbuds for the price.

Like the best wireless airbuds under 3000, one plus z, its full feature set is only unlocked if you are using a OnePlus smartphone, and unfortunately this limits the benefits of the excellent Dolby Atmos capabilities and the resulting volume improvement. However, the experience on non-OnePlus smartphones is now better thanks to HeyMelody app. Even without these OnePlus exclusive features, this is still a very good pair of best wireless airbuds under 3000, in my opinion, and price you should consider more if you are shopping for a new pair of true wireless earbuds on a budget.


  • Comfortable and good passive noise insulation.
  • USB Type-C, fast charging.
  • Dolby Atmos, AAC Bluetooth codec support.
  • A pleasant sound.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Some features need a OnePlus smartphone to work.
  • Limited controls on the earbuds.

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