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Best Buy Wireless Home Theater in India

Best Buy Wireless Home Theater in India

  • 2.1 channel multimedia speakers, USB and audio playback
  • Enjoy powerful bass with a large subwoofer and 60W output
  • Enjoy wireless music with your mobile phone through Bluetooth streaming
  • Designed for use with televisions, computers, and music players
  • USB port for easy connection
  • Stylish glossy black speaker
  • Equipped with a remote control
  • 2.1 channel system with total output power of 60 watts
  • Easy wireless listening with Bluetooth
  • Controlled by a remote control
  • Considered as Best Buy Wireless Home Theater in India.


Best Buy Wireless Home Theater in India

Topic: Best Buy Wireless Home Theater in India.

Sony Wireless Multimedia Speaker

Color: Black/Green  Brand: Sony

Sony manufactures high quality products to maximize consumer use. One of these products that we are reviewing by Sony is Sony Multimedia Speaker System. This speaker comes with 2.1 channel multimedia speaker, audio input, USB, and more. With this, you can enjoy streaming music through its Bluetooth media. It enhances your audio experience with its advantage. The speaker is stylish, space-saving, and compact.

Specification And Features

2.1ch system
This speaker comes with 2.1 multi-channel speakers and 60W output power. This feature allows you to enjoy the best sound quality when used. Produces clear bass and good sound. The volume from this system is also great.

USB and audio playback
The speaker comes with a USB port and an input sound. These features are good to use and also make playing music from another device hassle free. USB is excellent for devices with USB features such as a USB drive, memory cards, and more. The audio input is excellent for users with voice input features.

This bluetooth is excellent for wireless broadcasting. Now, you can enjoy the best music on your mobile device through Bluetooth media. These features are hassle free and effective to use.

Remote control
The remote control feature allows the user to control the audio system at his convenience. However, you do not have to come close to the device to control it, and you can control the device from any distance. Settings and operation can be done easily without any problem.

It comes with an elegant shiny black finish. This design adds beauty to where to place it. The sound system comes with two beautiful sets of headphones and an excellent button style.

Two speakers
This sound system comes with two groups of amplifiers for optimum comfort. These speakers produce high-quality sound and ensure that you always enjoy. You can connect the system to your computer, TV, and more for convenience and an enjoyable experience.

The capacity of this device is excellent and good. The system weighs 5 kg and comes in dimensions of 40.5 x 26 x 36 cm. It has a power of 60W, and requires one Li-ion battery to operate the remote control.

Sound Quality
First-class sound quality. The bus sound is great, and the clarity of the sound is good.

Volume control
There is no volume control on the amplifier, the user can only control it with the remote control. If the remote control is lost, you will not have a volume control.

This system is excellent and has an amazing sound. Comes with a good feature, at reasonable prices. Enhance your audio experience with the elegant 60W 2.1 Channel Home Theater SA-D20. This compact and space-saving system features Bluetooth connectivity along with USB and audio inputs.

So you can connect it to your mobile phone, TV or your computer and give a great sound to all your entertainment. Only one cable is required for connection and easy to control with an easy-to-use remote control.

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