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Best Buy Tower Cooler in India

Best Buy Tower Cooler in India.

  • High Cooling air cooler.
  • Slim and Large.
  • Stylish and modern modular design.
  • 140 Watt power Current: 1 Amp High rust-free body
  • High air delivery: 2,250 cubic meters / hour. 3 speed control Height: 74 cm | Height: 23 cm | Width: 28 cm
  • Strong air throw: 25 feet
  • Low energy consumption Voltage: 220 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz AC
  • Warranty: Standard one-year warranty + additional 6-month warranty
  • Considered as Best Buy Tower Cooler in India 2020.


Best Buy Tower Cooler in India.

Topic: Best Buy Tower Cooler in India.

iBELL Deluxe Tower Fan Air Cooler

Color: Black & White  Brand: iBELL

Unleash your summer worries with the Deluxe Tower Fan from ibell, a world-class company when it comes to air delivery. The Cool Breeze Tower fan is perfect for both home and office, and it’s elegant yet durable. Carefully crafted for the Indian market, aesthetically designed to suit any modern ambiance, it also features a stainless-steel body made of premium quality metal and plastic parts.

Even with the powerful air being thrown up to 25 feet backed by a high-performance motor with a 2250 m3 / h air delivery capacity, this smart machine is stunningly silent while running. Our R&D team did its best to make it more energy efficient in its product category.

Tower fan needs narrow space. If you want a fan that can serve more space and circulate air better, you should choose a higher power fan. Tower fans can circulate air to large areas by creating cool surroundings. But the decision to choose a fan depends on your needs and your space.

Tower fans usually do not make any noise and are specially designed to eliminate any possible noise on the surface. It produces the highest possible air circulation with the lowest possible noise. Where these fans are manufactured taking into account the need for people to work in focus. So the best tower fans keep the pin landing silent in your living areas.


Since tower fans offer high-tech performance in circulating cold air on large surfaces such as living areas and other dining rooms, people also need a stunningly designed tower fan that matches their location. With that in mind, the best brands of tower fans in India provide the best tower fans to keep your place looking extravagant.


This question upsets most people. The tower fans are very efficient and environmentally friendly. Its multiple positions are manufactured and created with added care to make it environmentally friendly. They also have air purification options. They have an automatic shutdown system that helps conserve the environment by closing at a specific time.


It can be a difficult task to choose the best tower fan because most people are unable to know what to look for. In the article, we brought you what you are looking for in a tower fan, along with the best possible tower fans available in India in this compact buying guide. If this is your first time buying a tower fan, you should check all specifications of each product and buy them online for more convenience.


  • High cooling in summer to beat the heat
  • Easy to move.


  • Long like tower.

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