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Best Buy Symphony Tower Air Cooler in India

Best Buy Symphony Tower Air Cooler in India

  • 3 Speed Control.
  • Multi Directional Wheels.
  • 12 liters water capacity.
  • Mosquito Net / Dust Filter.
  • Ideal for room size up to 28 cubic meters (leave the door / window open for accidental ventilation and efficient cooling).
  • 1 Year Manufactures defects warranty.
  • The highly efficient honeycomb cooling pads and the cold flow dispenser ensure superior cooling.
  • Powered by i-pure technology with multi-stage air purification filters such as allergy filter, bacterial filter, odor filter, PM 2.5 washing filter, and dust filter providing fresh cold air and filter.
  • Diet 12T’s exclusive dural pump ensures long life of the pump.
  • Ease of use of disc handle controls for fan speed, cooling and swing settings.
  • Product Dimensions (LxBxH): 300mm x 330mm x 845mm.
  • Considered as Best Buy Symphony Tower Air Cooler in India 2020.


Best Buy Symphony Tower Air Cooler in India.

Topic: Best Buy Symphony Tower Air Cooler in India.

Symphony Diet 12T Tower Air Cooler

Color: white  Brand: Symphony

The build quality of the 12t Symphony diet is really impressive and it comes with great quality. But this is not nearly enough for two people. Throwing air for this coolant is just over 12 feet. It can cool the 100-foot room easily by taking good care of cross ventilation and cooling the ice room.

With the sunrise at its climax, summer finally arrived. No matter how well the fan works, when the temperature rises, you must have something extra to stay out of this hateful sweat. Taking into account the troublesome conditions in the summer, Symphony reached a highly efficient tower room air cooler, Diet 12T.

Designed in an elegant and compact way, it not only throws air at a higher point, but also helps you improve your decor with its elegant and elegant appearance. If you want to have exceptionally cold air, you can place ice cubes in the built-in ice compartment.

In addition to the compact design, stunning color, snow room, automatic movement of the Louvre, water level indicator, honeycomb cooling plate, 3-speed settings and water tank capacity of 12 liters and more, the 12T diet also has powerful multi-directional wheels that allow you to move it in or out of your home without any hassle.

Performance And Design

Experience cool, cool winds in the hot summer with the Symphony DiET 12T room cooler. You can fill ice in its ice compartment and enjoy the icy coolness that fills the air in your room. To keep the climate cool for a long time, this white air cooler with a 12-liter water capacity, a 180mm blower and a powerful 7-inch fan is suitable for rooms up to 28/1000 MT 3 / ft 3 * under test condition.

It also launches a strong air release at regular intervals to keep your room cool and beautiful. The Symphony room air cooler gives you complete temperature control, with a 3-speed speed control panel to adjust the cooling according to your need. Although the coolant comes without a remote control, other effective cooling features include automatic slot movement and high efficiency Dora Pump with honeycomb cooling pads.

Spin and rotate the Symphony room cooler to any corner of your home, as its omni-directional wheels give it freedom of movement. This energy efficient cooler consumes only 170W and cools to an area of ​​1000 square feet. It is also effective during power outages because it works easily with a power inverter.

Use it indoors or outdoors, this portable air cooler will keep you cool and fresh anywhere. To keep it clean and operating for a long time, this room best cooler comes with a mosquito net and dust filter that prevents dirt and flies from entering and polluting the fresh air resulting from this cooler.


As per our view this Air Cooler is best for Indian Homes to beat the summer heat. You can see its specification and features and all. This air cooler comes with 12l of water capacity thats good for night to enjoy your sleep.


  • Best air cooler of symphony for summer.
  • Easy to move from anywhere.


  • Nothing negative views.

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