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Best Buy Realme Wireless Headphones in India

Best Buy Realme Wireless Headphones in India

  • 10 minutes charging gives you 100 minutes of music time.
  • The large battery capacity of 110 mAh is fully charged in 1.5 hours.
  • Giving you up to 12 hours of play time, 11.2mm audio player is able to produce great bass.
  • Built-in Magnet: Enjoy magnetic earphones with the on / off feature for smooth voice calling.
  • Three buttons for remote control: Control your music, handle phone calls and even summon Google.
  • Assistant using three built-in concrete buttons.
  • The distinctive neck strap design with a memory-free metal chain ensures a great experience.
  • 6 months guarantee.
  • Considered as Best Buy Realme Wireless Headphones in India 2020.




Best Buy Realme Wireless Headphones in India.

Topic: Best Buy Realme Wireless Headphones in India.

Realme Buds Wireless

Colour: Black | Pattern name: Wireless Headsets

Wireless earphones are really becoming very popular, and we can see Realme enter this space in the coming months. However, for the time being, the company has taken wireless headphones into an affordable form – ear-neck-shaped headphones.

Design And Specification

The headset has a flexible neck strap with metal ends at the end, short cables that lead to headphones, and the same plastic earphones. We loved the yellow and black color scheme for our revision unit. The design is simple and the build quality is decent. The device is lightweight at just 30 grams, and is comfortable to wear and use for long hours along.

Like previous Realme earphones, Realme Buds Wireless has magnets in every earphone. While it serves no purpose on wired models beyond keeping the two headphones together, the magnetic clasp acts as a power switch in Realme Buds Wireless. Disconnecting the buds turns the headset on and plugs it in with power. There is no power button, so this is the only way to control the power on the headphone.

In theory this sounds fine, but weak magnets mean the earphones easily detached when placed in a bag or pocket. This will turn on the headphones and connect automatically to our paired smartphone even when we don’t want it, which is annoying. Calls will be automatically diverted away from the smartphone earpiece without our knowledge, the battery will run out, and the phone will not automatically connect to other devices such as a Bluetooth car audio system.

We found it best to keep your earphones on a table or around our neck when not in use, which obviously wasn’t always comfortable. A convenient storage case might have helped, but Realme Buds Wireless doesn’t come with one.

What you get in the sales package are three pairs of silicone ear tips, ear wings pre-connected to headphones, and a Micro-USB charging cable. The charging port is located on the bottom side of the right unit, which also contains playback, call and volume controls.

Realme Buds wireless headphones are powered by 11.2mm drivers, with Bluetooth 5 and support for SBC and AAC codecs. The earphones have a powered battery life of 12 hours on a single charge, and are said to provide 100 minutes of listening time for 10 minutes when the battery runs out. We managed to get about 9 hours of use on our test, while it took less than 3 hours for the headset to fully charge.


Starting with Take Five by Dave Brubeck Quartet, we immediately noticed that the sound was much wider and more detailed than we used to hear from the products in this price range. Some rhythmic instruments looked well defined and well defined, although the deeper mid-track elements – in particular – the double bass in particular – were slightly smooth and not quite as distinctive as we wanted. However, we found the sound to be detailed and rich in general.

Then we moved on to Zombies On Your Lawn, the catchy song from the popular mobile game Plants Vs. zombies. Like the analog Realme Buds headphones before, Realme Buds Wireless is definitely biased towards the low end, and the powerful bass sound was easy to listen to the heavy composite parts of this electronic track. We felt the bass wasn’t quite as tight as Realme Buds 2 could produce, but we still admire the attack and the drive of a wireless headphone.

This headphone is well designed, has decent battery life, and is very comfortable to wear. The only problem for us was the magnetic power switch, which often led the earphones to turn on automatically at critical times. Apart from that, Realme Buds Wireless is a pair of earphones that does exactly what it’s supposed to do – nothing more, nothing less – with unwavering consistency, and we love it for that.

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