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Best Buy Maharaja Air Cooler in India

Best Buy Maharaja Air Cooler in India

  • Capacity: 45 liters.
  • Caster wheels, Ice Chamber, Anti Bacteria Tank.
  • Perfect for a 600 square foot room.
  • Product dimensions: 64 cm x 50.4 cm x 99.2 cm.
  • Power: 165 watts. Operating voltage: 230-240V.
  • Inverter supports: Yes.
  • Warranty: one year.
  • Package includes: main unit, user manual and warranty card.
  • Always allow the use of CROSS-VENTILATION in your area / room, otherwise the coolant will not operate effectively.
  • Considered as Best Buy Maharaja Air Cooler in India 2020.


Best Buy Maharaja Air Cooler in India.

Topic: Best Buy Maharaja Air Cooler in India.

Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto Plus

Color: White  Brand: Maharaja

Stay cool and relax this summer by installing the Atlanto + Air Cooler from Maharaja Whiteline featuring high-throughput 3100 cubic meters / hour and a 45-foot thick air throw. With a nominal power consumption of 165 watts, this air cooler becomes an energy efficient device, ideal for medium sized Indian families.


Contains honeycomb pads as cooler media and an ice room that add to the cold air flow. Atlanto + contains a RPM of 1450, louvers and motorized wheels that enhance the overall cold air experience. The volume of the water tank is 45 liters, which eliminates the hassle of frequent refilling. Since it is a reflector-friendly air cooler, it can be run on backup as well.

No one wants to feel upset every time he is at home because it is a place where everyone should rest and enjoy. This is why having a ready-made air cooler at home makes you feel more blessed. It will give you a cooler and more attractive environment inside your home.

If you are planning before one, this air cooler is recommended for you. Manufactured by Maharaja, it is a premium Indian brand that sells high quality air coolers at very reasonable prices. While using this air cooler, you will feel more comfortable and at the same time maintain your new look throughout the day, especially on weekends.

Eye catchy features

Tank 45 liters – This air cooler has a huge tank which makes you enjoy a longer cooling experience. Also, with a large tank you will not have to refill it often.

Wheels wheels – It gives you the ability to move the air cooler easily without having to carry it.

Ice room – It allows you to put some ice in his room to provide cooler air for your room. With this you can get an instant cool breeze.

Antibacterial tank – It filters the bacteria in the tank to ensure that the air from it is clean and safe.

Shock resistant body – The body of the air cooler is strong enough that it can withstand shock and extended use.

Powerful motor – It has a strong 45-foot air throw and an air delivery of 3,100 cubic meters per hour for more efficient cooling.

Honeycomb pillows – The dirt filters in the air to provide you with better air quality while making it easier for you to clean it when needed.

Space-saving – The size of this air cooler is really compact which makes it ideal for homes with limited floor space.

Easy to clean – The front grills of this great product have large gaps that allow you to clean it easily and quickly.

Hassle free to use – This air cooler is easy to use due to the easy to use plate and it comes at the same time with the user guide to guide you along the way.

Response panel – Expect that this air cooler will bring you a satisfied user experience as the handles respond well whenever you use it.

Energy efficiency – Do not consume a lot of electricity, which will save you a lot of money from your electricity bills.

Amazing design – This air cooler features an eye-catching design that adds a lot of elegance to your room.

Low noise – This air cooler does not cool down much noise making it really desirable for use in all parts of the day.


There you go, now you already have all the information about this product, we suggest you to buy it now. It will definitely make your daily life even better with better indoor air quality. Buy now and you will never regret that it is a promise. This is the best to beat the summer heat.


  • Space Saver, bacteria free Air Cooler.
  • High Cooling efficiency.


  • This air cooler don’t have any cons.

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