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Best Buy LG IPS Monitor in India

Best Buy LG IPS Monitor in India

  • Better to read.
  • It is true that the colors of nature.
  • Preset memory settings for different users.
  • Screen size: 22 ” (54.61 cm) Full HD (1920 x 1080) Unlimited IPS panel.
  • Communication port: 1 VGA port, 1 HDMI port, 1 DVI port, 1 Audio output port, 1 Headphone port.
  • Aspect Ratio: 16: 9, Brightness (Typical): 250 cd / m², Consumption (EPA): 13.7W.
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz, Response time: 5ms.
  • Viewing angle: 178 ° horizontal, 178 ° vertically.
  • Enjoy smoother gameplay.
  • Wall mount: Yes.
  • Considered as Best Buy LG IPS Monitor in India 2020.


Best Buy LG IPS Monitor in India.

Topic: Best Buy LG IPS Monitor in India.

LG 22 inch IPS Monitor – Full HD

Color: Black  Brand: LG

Monitors with true-to-life color accuracy have seen increasing demand among gamers, graphic designers and even ordinary consumers who want a vibrant visual taste in its full glory. LG 22MP68VQ Full HD screen covers almost the entire color range to give you a more realistic media experience at a reasonable budget.

22MP68 is the IPS panel (Neo Blade One technology). Narrow bezel enhances the look and feel. The color response is over 99% of the SRGB making visuals stunningly beautiful and realistic. With a durable aesthetically stunning stand. The screen also has AMD Freesync technology that eliminates tearing from a low frame rate and also stuttering the screen when connecting an HDMI port, all of which brings you the fun and enjoyment of playing.

The screen also has a black stabilizer that ensures the dark areas are seen when playing. Protect your eyes and display in Comfort Flicker Safe and Reader Mode help maximize visual comfort by protecting your eyes from harmful blue light and reducing the flicker level to almost zero.

Pre-set custom options with just one click on-screen control and my screen preset allow you to easily customize screen settings with a few clicks of the mouse. With PIP mode, you can work while watching a video in a floating window, where improved color-revision algorithms for color weakness are used to help people with color weakness and who have difficulty distinguishing certain ranges of colors display all of the important content.

LG 22MP68VQ is a 22-inch HD display that provides great viewing angles and color reproduction. At a price of under 10,000 rupees, this LG screen is one of the best monitors in the market. IPS LCD technology provides excellent viewing angles and narrow edges around the screen provide a seamless viewing experience.

Color reproduction
LG 22MP68VQ is capable of producing 99% sRGB output. This means that the colors displayed on the screen are much closer to the actual color captured by the camera while recording the image.


There is a dedicated reading mode on this screen that eliminates canceling blue light emission from the screen and reduces screen flickering. The option to add various presets with different options is a great bonus. If the screen is used by several people, this allows them to make their favorite choice with the click of a button. This screen is suitable for almost all types of users except players.


LG provides 3 years warranty on this screen. With the use of quality components, the chance of accidental damage from external events such as lightning or unexpected voltage gain is rare.

LG is the second-best screen manufacturer in the world after Samsung. The LG 22MP68VQ computer monitor is one of the best full HD displays available for a desktop computer.

If you want a more accurate display of color, this is it. LG 22MP68VQ may be the perfect fit for graphic designers who should be precise about the colorimeter used in their business.


  • Value for money.
  • Excellent viewing angles.
  • Good color accuracy.


  • Slower response rate.
  • Not suitable for professional players.

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