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Best Buy Ips Ultra Slim Monitor in India

Best Buy Ips Ultra Slim Monitor in India

  • 24 ” IPS panel (23.8 inches viewable), 1920 x 1080 resolution, 16: 9 aspect ratio.
  • 250 CD / M2 brightness, 5ms response time, 20MB dynamic contrast ratio: 1.
  • VGA, HDMI In / Out, Audio In / Out. Compatible with Windows 10.
  • Flicker-free technology, plus one of the thinnest displays on the screen.
  • Ultra-wide color gamut to enhance natural colors.
  • This best 24” tv from philips is best to buy.
  • Can be fit and stand any where in house or place it on wall.
  • Considered as Best Buy Ips Ultra Slim Monitor in India.


Best Buy Ips Ultra Slim Monitor in India.

Topic: Best Buy Ips Ultra Slim Monitor in India.

Philips 24 Inch IPS Ultra Slim LED Monitor

Color: Grey  Brand: Philips

Using the latest technology, new Philips monitors are designed in a minimal style by reducing the thickness of the bezel to about 2.5 mm. Along with a black matrix tape within the plate of approximately 9 mm, the overall dimensions of the edge are greatly reduced allowing for a minimum dispersion and a maximum width size.

Specification And Features

When it comes to building TV, it’s made of plastic but not weak. It is not tiny, but not too bad. The tabletop feet on the TV are short and made of plastic, but not so short that the game console or set-top box can impair your viewing experience. When it comes to design, the TV has relatively thick bezels.


OnePlus TV comes at the same price as 70k with ultra-thin bezels. The only downside of the design is the fact that only one HDMI port and one USB port are facing outside, so you might want to think about cable management if you plan to mount it to the wall. The rest of the ports are not all behind. You have a small block with an AV input and a cavity at the bottom that houses the Ethernet and the remaining HDMI ports.

In general, the TV design is standard with what one would expect, the edges around the screen are not an obstacle but they are not a visual treat either, and the table stand holds the TV long enough to place the audio tape or set-top box under the TV comfortably.

When it comes to connectivity, Philips 55PUT6103S / 94 has 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports. It encounters one HDMI port along with the USB port and the headphone port side. There is a block carrying the service port and the AV port on the back.

Below this, in a cavity, we have the remaining two HDMI ports, one of which is ARC enabled. We also have antenna port, Ethernet port, one USB port and optical output port. In general, the connection options are decent and sufficient to get the job done.


This is where the content from the integrated apps and the external source looked really well. Whether it appears like Young Sheldon on Prime Videos or even Mission: Impossible on Netflix, both in HD quality seemed almost equal when comparing internal apps and external source.

The content is overall, bright, rich, and colorful, and when adjusting settings, you can get a beautiful vibrant color if you know what you’re doing. Standard and Vital settings work well with SDR content.

Gaming Experience

When the Xbox One X was connected to the TV, it was instantly recognized as a game console and the picture mode available in the switch is HDR, HDR Vivid, etc. which is good. Games like Doom found in 4K, SDR, and Forza Horizon 4 that are in 4K but HDR looked great on TV and required little change in image settings.

Doom may look very lively, but change the picture mode and you will get a little quieter orange for Mars. The races in Forza Horizon 4 may lack the bright light caused by the top sun, but that’s fine because the image remains perfectly clear, sharp and looks colorful.

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