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Best Buy IFB Front Loading Washing Machines in India

Best Buy IFB Front Loading Washing Machines in India

  • Front loading washing machine. Capacity 6.5 kg.
  • 7-piece LED display.
  • 6.5 kg capacity to cater to the needs of small Indian families.
  • 7-segment LED display to make it easy to use.
  • Various types of laundry care programs.
  • Convert hard water into pure water for better washing.
  • Laundry Care Programs: Express 15, baby clothes, stains 40, stains 60, mixed fabrics, wool or hand wash, and soft cotton.
  • The Aqua Energy feature converts hard water into softness for better and more effective washing.
  • Warranty: 4-year comprehensive warranty on the product.
  • Considered as Best Buy IFB Front Loading Washing Machines in India 2020.


Best Buy IFB Front Loading Washing Machines in India.

Topic: Best Buy IFB Front Loading Washing Machines in India.

IFB 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Color: White  Brand: IFB

IFB washing machines come with front loading features of various capacities. This machine has a capacity of 6.5 kg. It comes with premium features that make this device one of the best in its class. The USP for this washing machine is that it offers a total of 100 wash programs with each type of fabric or spot containing a specific wash program.

The 3D washing system uses a unique water spray system to create a powerful 360 ° current in the cylinder. Ensures all detergents are dissolved during rinsing and efficiently removes dirt with soap. Other features include ball valve technology to prevent wastage and a child lock system to prevent tampering by children.

Specification And Features

  • The dynamic movement of the cylinder pushes water deep into the fabric fabric to provide cleaner washing.
  • This washing machine features the Aqua Energie function that comes with a built-in water filter to treat hard water.
  • This system converts bicarbonate in hard water into fine crystals that flow freely with wastewater and do not form a layer over the surface of the cylinder.
  • The cradle washing system takes care of delicacy such as laces, silk and chiffon.
  • The Quick Wash System is the ideal washing program for smarter and lighter loads.
  • It comes with a crescent moon cylinder to absorb strong strokes during the landing process, giving clothes a deep but gentle wash.
  • The design ensures that the water bends in a certain pattern and that the clothing does not rub against the walls of the cylinder.
  • This machine features a foam control system to maintain the washing quality. It senses the generation of foam and reduces it to the required level.
  • The automatic imbalance feature ensures even clothes are distributed during the wash cycle.


Fully automatic front loading washing machine, IFB Senorita Aqua SX with a load capacity of 6.5 kg and offers a total of 100 washing programs. There is a specific wash program for most types of fabric and stains. 3D Washing System: This washing machine uses a special nozzle water spray system that creates a powerful 360 ° current in the drum.

The flow of current dissolves all the detergent and during the rinsing process it effectively removes all the dirt in the soap. The dynamic movement forces the water to penetrate the clothes for a cleaner and richer wash. Aqua-energie filter: Hard water is no longer a concern for this washing machine which comes with a built-in water filter that treats hard water.

This filter works by breaking down the bicarbonate present in the water and turning it into crystals. These crystals are so accurate that they flow freely with water and do not form any crust that can damage clothing or equipment. By treating hard water, this technique makes washing better with only soft, treated water.

Moon crescent cylinder: There is a crescent moon pad lined on the inner surface of the washing cylinder. This shape absorbs strong strokes during the fall process and gives clothes a deep but gentle wash. This design works by bending the water in a swoosh pattern so that the clothes are not rubbed against the wall of the steel cylinder and damaged.

Foam Control System: In order to maintain the washing quality, the IFB Senorita Aqua SX fully automatic front loading washing machine is equipped with a foam control system that defines the foaming generation which, upon reaching the required density, begins to obtain a diluent to enable washing without spillage.

Automatic imbalance system: If the load during the washing program is distributed unevenly, the washing machine intelligently redistributes it to achieve the same balance. The machine will stop automatically and start as soon as its balance is restored.

Eye Catchy Features

  • Water is activated by this compact device. Filter treatment better removes detergents to give clothes a smoother wash.
  • It allows you to pause the period, open the door, and add washing during the wash cycle.
  • Preliminary wash of dirty or stained clothes prior to actual washing.
  • Program specially designed for small, slightly dirty loads. Perfect for your gym wear!
  • It removes allergens and gives you fresh, clean clothes that keep allergies close at hand.
  • It monitors voltage fluctuations and prevents damage to electrical components.


  • Ideal for small families.
  • Various washing programs.
  • Suitable for use with hard water.


  • Not suitable for all taps.

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