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Best Buy Hrx Mi Smart Band in India

Best Buy Hrx Mi Smart Band in India

  • 23 days battery life.
  • Heat test, cold test, fall test, corrosion test.
  • Improved tracking algorithm.
  • IP67 water splash resistant.
  • The sensor grips the strap securely in place and sits comfortably on your wrist, even during the most powerful exercises.
  • Starts with every step – calculates the springs in your steps.
  • Alert for sitting still for too long.
  • Unlocks in an instant.
  • Considered as Best Buy Hrx Mi Smart Band in India 2020.


Best Buy Hrx Mi Smart Band in India.

Topic: Best Buy Hrx Mi Smart Band in India.

Mi Band – HRX Edition

Color: Black  Brand: Mi


Mi Band HRX Edition has the same 0.42-inch OLED display at the front that displays time, steps, distance, burned calories and the remaining battery. The screen is really small, occupying 25% of the glass. It is not a touch screen, so you need to press the button at the bottom of the screen to switch between the different options.

The button has 0.05mm ripples etched to provide a tangible feel when touched. This screen is prone to smudging although Xiaomi says it has an anti-fingerprint coating, it does have scratch-resistant glass that can handle scratches somewhat.

Compared to the Mi Band 2’s OLED screen that has a blue color, this is yellow, otherwise I wouldn’t find any difference between the two at the front. The screen is sharp and good inside, but it cannot be seen outdoors in bright sunlight as it is not bright. Similar to predecessor the brightness is not adjustable.

The removable unit is small and has charging contacts at the bottom. You can use the same Mi Band 2 charging cable, and since this has almost the same dimensions, you can use the same Mi Band 2 wrist strap. It has a low-power programmable Bluetooth chip that can store data even when disconnected from the smartphone. Bluetooth 4.0 LE is used to connect to Android (4.4+) or iPhone (7.0+).

Don’t find a heart rate sensor on the back. There is only the Mi logo on the back of the polycarbonate. It measures 15.7 x 40.3 x 10.5mm and weighs only 7g without tape, like the Mi Band 2.

The wrist strap has better build quality compared to Mi Band 2 and has a smooth finish. It has an HRX tag as well. It has the same IP67 rated water resistance, so it can withstand stains and sweat, but it is not recommended for use while swimming.


It has a 70 mAh battery, similar to the Mi Band 2. Since there is no heart rate sensor, Xiaomi promises a battery life of 23 days, compared to 20 days on the Mi Band 2. After fully charging, I got 28 days of battery life Before it reaches 10% of the freight. It is recommended not to let the battery on the Mi Band dry completely. Battery life may vary depending on frequent use of the screen and notifications.


The Mi Band HRX Edition is one of the best and most affordable fitness trackers you can get on the market. Xiaomi is no longer selling Mi Band 2 with a heart rate sensor in India anymore, which will be my choice, but you never miss anything else. It still has the best battery life and a compact and lightweight design. If you don’t want to spend a lot on the fitness tracker charged with a massive design, the Mi Band HRX is a good choice among those.


  • Affordable, affordable, affordable.
  • Water Resistant (IP67).
  • Great battery life.


  • The OLED screen is not clearly visible in bright outdoor areas.

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