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Best Buy Honor Smart Band in India

Best Buy Honor Smart Band in India

  • 0.95 inch amoled Touch large color screen: color screen, adjustable screen brightness.
  • Full touch screen and home button control.
  • The belt buckle design makes the strap firmly attached to your wrist.
  • Use the Huawei Health app to connect the phone.
  • TruSleep allows to recognize sleep status and collect and analyze data.
  • TruSeen enables accurate 24-hour heart rate monitoring and warnings.
  • 5ATM water resistant: up to 50 meters water resistance.
  • Long standby time: a very long waiting time of up to 17 days and provides frequent charging time.
  • Multiple sports modes: outdoor and indoor running, walking, indoor and outdoor cycling, swimming pool and training support various types of exercise.
  • Track and monitor daily activities: number of steps, calories burned, distance covered, medium to high intensity activities and duration of standing, goal setting and achievement reminder.
  • Considered as Best Buy Honor Smart Band in India 2020.


Best Buy Honor Smart Band in India.

Topic: Best Buy Honor Smart Band in India.

Honor Band 4

Colour: Black  Brand: Honor

Honor Band 4 works with both Android phones as well as iPhone via Huawei Health app. The process of pairing the domain with your phone is easy, and the app is well designed. At one glance, the app gives you information about the number of steps taken, the last recorded heart rate, and how well you slept the night before.


At first glance, the Honor Band 4 looks similar to the device it is replacing. It’s sleek and light, so you won’t feel embarrassed if you wear it all the time. Honor Band 4 is one piece. The capsule is inseparable from the range and, as a result, you are not free to use different ranges here.

Our review unit has a blue bar, but you can choose to purchase this device in pink or black. However, the band you get on the Honor Band 4 is very good quality and showed no sign of wear during the review period.

We didn’t like the Honor Band 3 buckle design because it dug into our sleeves leaving little marks. Honor has changed this with the new model, and you will get the watch style buckle. This opens and closes easily, and has less opportunity to exit compared to the previous model.

The Honor Band 4 has a 0.95-inch AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 240 x 120 pixels. It also has a capacitive back button. Honor went with a color display stand out, keeping in mind that most other teams at this price point offer black and white screens. Another strong point in this display is the crystal. It’s bright enough to be seen outdoors, and users can choose between three levels of brightness directly from the range.

Honor is among the few manufacturers offering touch screen at this price point. The screen is responsive and enables us to scroll through the options easily. Capacitive button acts as a back button when scrolling through the user interface.

Turn the bar over and you’ll see the heart rate sensor and pogo charging pins below. The heart rate sensor is slightly raised compared to the rest of the body, and will leave a mark on your hand if you place the strap tightly. Just like the Honor Band 3, this new model also uses a special installed charger. It’s very small, with pogo pin connectors for charging the band and a Micro-USB input port. The charger is easy to lose, but you may be able to find a replacement charger online.


We found that when paired with an Android phone, the Huawei Health app keeps a permanent notification about it – just like many other companion apps – so it doesn’t get killed in the background. This ensures that the domain is constantly connected to the phone to sync its data. In theory, this would have an impact on the battery life of the connected smartphone, but it wasn’t big enough to notice.

In the app you will find a record of the number of steps you took. This can be sorted out day by day or month by month to give you an idea of ​​your progress. The app can also be used to customize the functions available in the range and order in which they appear. The app also allows you to share data with Google Fit, MyFitnessPal and UP by Jawbone.

Tracking steps was a bit inaccurate for Honor Band 4 in our tests. We counted 1,000 steps manually while roaming, and scored a 985 step range. If you plan to use the basic fitness band to track steps, this is not as accurate as Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

The Smartphone app also has a separate step counter that keeps sound on your phone’s notification panel and is measured using the accelerometer on the phone. We found this to be inaccurate as well. The number of steps continued to increase while driving.

Heart rate tracking was more accurate, and it gave us similar results like Mi Band 3 when we compared the two at once. Continuous heart rate tracking is available on Honor Band 4, and it can record your heart rate throughout the day at two-minute intervals. Once synced with your phone, you can see the range of heart rate and heart rate at rest. It also has a high heart rate alert which will warn you if your heart rate exceeds the set limit for more than 10 minutes in stretching.

Honor Band 4 allows you to track outdoor and indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor biking, swimming pools, and free training. We used the outdoor walking tracking mode and we walked for a distance we knew exactly 1 km. The range measures distance by 0.96 km and is an acceptable deviation. Honor Band 4 does not have a dedicated GPS chip and relies on the connected smartphone to determine its location.

We also used the free training mode for a workout session. She kept tracking my heart rate constantly but was unable to get a suitable reading most of the time. When I succeeded in getting a reading, it was not accurate.


Honor Band 4 improves its predecessor with better display, better heart rate, sleep tracking and better distance accuracy. However, all of this comes with a lower battery life cost. Its closest competitor, Xiaomi Mi Band 3, offers accurate tracking of steps and slightly lower prices.


  • Accurate sleep tracking.
  • Bright Amoled screen.


  • Proprietary charger.
  • Following steps is somewhat inaccurate.
  • Inaccurate heart rate in exercise mode.

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