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Best Buy Front Loading Washing Machines in India

Best Buy Front Loading Washing Machines in India

  • Fully automatic washing machine for download.
  • Electric supply cord length: 160 cm; Product dimensions: 85x60x60 cm.
  • Excellent features to ensure perfect washing.
  • It saves time, water and energy, and therefore money.
  • Capacity 7 kg: suitable for families from 3 to 4 persons.
  • Warranty: two years on the product and 10 years on the engine.
  • 1200 rpm: The higher the spin speed, the faster the drying time.
  • Renew slightly dirty clothes in just 15 minutes with Super 15.
  • Consumption: power – 0.99 kWh; Water – 47 liters.
  • Programs: synthetic materials, hygiene, delicate, silk, daily washing, wool, and cotton.
  • Considered as Best Buy Front Loading Washing Machines in India 2020.


Best Buy Front Loading Washing Machines in India.

Topic: Best Buy Front Loading Washing Machines in India.

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Color: White  Brand: Bosch

Bosch is one of the best global brands of washing machines available in India. It comes with excellent features and supports various types of wash cycles. Bosch can be the ideal washing care companion due to its excellent performance. This machine comes with a variety of innovative features to make washing clothes an enjoyable experience.

The Active Water Facility saves water by automatically adjusting the water level with multiple load sensors that sense the weight of the wash and cloth. The child lock feature allows all features to be locked to prevent your child from tampering with the settings. This machine comes with a unique water filter that fits all types of taps.

If you’re looking for a fully automatic large format washing machine with many advantages other than buying a fully automatic front loading washing machine Model Number WAK24268IN from Bosch. The washing machine comes with a capacity of 7.0 kg and a ten-year warranty on the product. It comes with a large LED display with a full electronic disk for easy operation.

Specification And Features

  • Unique anti-shake design reduces vibration and ensures greater stability. Variodrum feature comes in a unique design that works hard on stains while being kind to your clothes.
  • This washing machine also saves time because SpeedPerfect reduces washing time by about 65%.
  • Allergy Plus ensures the highest level of hygiene by eliminating dust mites and other microscopic insects to keep your clothes free from allergens.
  • Apart from saving water and time, this machine also saves energy. This device does not make much noise. Thus, it is best to use it at night. It can work at low input water pressure of 0.3 bar.
  • The reload function allows you to add clothes early during the wash cycle. This machine has a large drum to allow smooth movement of clothes, thus providing better washing results.

This washing machine also features foam detection system and multiple water protection option. It has 12 washing programs and delays the washing timing up to 24 hours. Anti-shake design: more stability and quiet. Electric supply cord length: 160 cm; Safety: Balance Control – Yes, Foam Control – Yes, Water Protection System: Multiple water protection.

Active Water System: This washing machine has a load sensing function. With the help of a sensor, the appliance checks the clothes load on the appliance cylinder and automatically continues to adjust water and electricity usage, giving you better wash. The washer also has a child lock system that makes it safe around children.

Innovative features: This washing machine comes with Variodrum that gently treats clothes at the same time and gives it a completely clean wash. The Varioperfect function wash clothes with 20% less energy consumption. The washer is designed with anti-vibration walls that keep the machine silent even during high-speed rotation. The washing machine allows to add the remaining laundry if water or washing levels allow.

  • The Super 15 option allows you to wash slightly stained clothes.


  • Excellent features to ensure perfect washing.
  • It saves time, water and energy, and therefore money.
  • Immediate after sales service.


  • Expensive spare parts.

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