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Best Buy External Hard Disks in India

Best Buy External Hard Disks in India

  • Ultra-fast data transfer with USB 3.0.
  • High capacity in compact design.
  • Plug and play is ready for Windows computers.
  • Factory warranty for 3 years.
  • Add additional storage space for your videos, music, photos and files.
  • Transfer data at full speed with USB 3.0.
  • Use with USB 2.0 now and USB 3.0 when you’re ready.
  • Using with Windows computers.
  • Software Support.
  • Considered as Best Buy External Hard Disks in India.


Best Buy External Hard Disks in India.

Topic: Best Buy External Hard Disks in India.

WD Elements 1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

Color:  Black  Brand: Western Digital

External HDD is a convenient form of portable data storage media with which you can download files and media and use anywhere you want without an internet connection.
Due to the continuous development of data storage technology, the size of these hard disks is now identical to or exceed those of traditional hard drives and has more advanced capabilities.


Western Digital is an American data storage company that has been a leader in mobile storage since time immemorial. The Element series from Western Digital was one of the first entrants to the Indian external HDD market and has been one of the favorite among people since then.

Quality of design and construction

There is no need for a external hard drive to work properly. But in the case of the WD Elements hard drive, the company has done some serious homework in its design and the result is clear. The matte metal structure and smart connection cable arrangement make using this portable hard drive easy.

Storage capacity

As the title says, this hard drive comes with 1 TB storage. In our opinion, if you are a normal person, the 1 TB space will be more than enough for your immediate use like storing photos, movies, TV series and even some documents as well. With a host of additional features that the company provides with this product, this is a product that deserves your attention.

This hard disk has a USB3.0 interface that will connect data transfers across the devices that support it. It works with USB2.0 devices as well, albeit with a decrease in transfer speed.


Western Digital has a set of software tools to enhance the usability of its products. One of the programs that comes with this external hard drive is WD Backup. This program will allow you to back up local files on your computer such as photos, videos and documents on this external hard drive with the click of a button.

The process is simple and straightforward and saves you a lot of time searching for the backup tool yourself. Unlike other hard drive manufacturers, WD places great emphasis on safety. This WD Element Hard Drive Comes With Hackable 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption And Will Keep Your Files And Folders Safe.

This product comes with a limited three-year warranty that will cover unexpected hardware problems like any hardware failure that results from itself.


WD Element is a stylish and elegant external hard disk that works well in terms of data storage and retrieval. The read / write speeds are consistent and will give you an enjoyable experience over time. The hardware encryption feature and WD backup software will make you feel comfortable knowing that the security of the data stored inside is a high priority.


  • Matte finish
  • Lightweight
  • Comprehensive compatibility


  • The outer shell is prone to scratches

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