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Best Buy Cheap Branded Wireless Keyboard in India

Best Buy Cheap Branded Wireless Keyboard in India

  • Wireless keyboard: reliable connection up to 10 meters.
  • No real-time lag or pause – even in the busiest wireless environment – thanks to the Mini Logitech USB
  • Unified receiver with advanced 2.4GHz wireless connectivity.
  • Small enough to stay on your laptop and lets you add up to five compatible devices such as a wireless gaming mouse.
  • Two-year battery life: With extended battery life and automatic sleep, you can write Facebook updates, emails, and Yelp reviews for years without having to change batteries.
  • Save space without losing a thing: The compact wireless keyboard is almost 36 percent smaller than standard keyboards but still has all the standard keys – so doing the things you love is easier than ever.
  • It can be used with wired, wireless, Bluetooth, or gaming mice.
  • Character: Want to make this little keyboard a little more “stylish”?
  • The battery door at the top of the keyboard acts as a fun design element with light gray, pink, and blue options that you can swap to fit your mood or decor.
  • System compatibility: Windows PC, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, USB port.
  • Warranty: 3-year limited hardware warranty.
  • In the box: keyboard, nano receiver, two AAA batteries, user documentation.
  • Considered as Best Buy Cheap Branded Wireless Keyboard in India.


Best Buy Cheap Branded Wireless Keyboard in India.

Topic: Best Buy Cheap Branded Wireless Keyboard in India.

Logitech K230 Compact Wireless Keyboard

Color: Black/Grey  Brand: Logitech

It’s okay, the cheapest wireless keyboard. It is compact and will take some getting used to the smaller layout. The main letters of the alphabet are stickers or look the same, you decide from the picture. Arrow keys are crowded in very little space, Arrow keys will be split up / down from one key.

Specification And Features

Logitech K230 is a smart mini wireless keyboard that has some interesting features. As we all know, these products do not always provide what they advertise as a major advantage. It would be nice to see how this keyboard represents its notes, especially when it claims to offer some critical skill, such as quiet keys, long battery life, and its small size without compromising.

An inquisitive mind is a blessing and a curse at the same time that I cannot be patient with anything. My mind is always looking for answers to my unstable question. So while the charge was still on the way, I couldn’t resist traffic across all websites as users shared their views and experiences with the keyboard.

I had a lot of questions, meaning, is it pressed enough? Can I use it while lying in bed without interference? Will it work with Logitech M235 Wireless Mouseover a unified connector? The top row of the keyboard looks pretty small in the pictures, how will this affect my usage? Battery Will, it really lasts 18 months? Etc. and so on.

I couldn’t wait to unscrew and test the keyboard when I finally arrived. I took it out of the box unabated and downloaded Logitech Unifying software, paired the keyboard and mouse with one USB receiver and it worked; Even so flawlessly. In fact, every keystroke that is made to express my thoughts about this tool is input from them.

I am delighted that this keyboard is my daily driver because it does what I intend to do without setting itself up as a hindrance. The compact design allows me to carry it in my bag (yes, I’ve already tested it) along with the mouse, power cords, laptop, and a few clothes if I have to leave for more than a day.

Logitech added a small customization option as it covered three interchangeable battery slots. These plastic caps are shipped in three colors; Light blue, pink, and gray, which can be switched according to home from home or preferably your mood.


The Logitech K230 Wireless Keyboard (PN 920-003357) might not be the best keyboard you can get in the same price range, but I’m sure it can make its way to the top 5 in the list. Comparing it to premium keyboards that cost 2-3 times will be immoral. There are some downsides to it, however, the overall advantage and quality you’ll get for the money invested will be 100% justified.

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