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Best Buy Branded Smart Watch in India

Best Buy Branded Smart Watch in India

  • Google’s Wear OS smartwatches work with iPhone and Android phones.
  • Heart rate and activity tracking with Google fit; Built-in GPS track distance.
  • 3Atm swimming-resistant design; Responses from Google Assistant – And always ready to help.
  • Speed ​​up the payment process with your watch with Google pay.
  • Touch screen functions – built-in fitness tracker, microphone, music storage and controls, more.
  • Estimated battery life of 24 hours, based on usage plus an additional 2 days in low power mode.
  • Rapid magnetic USB charger included.
  • Charge up to 80 percent in less than an hour.
  • The watch must be kept more than 20 cm from the medical devices to reduce the possibility frequency.
  • Classic design, new technology.
  • This 40mm (Heart Rate) touch smart watch allows you to track heart rate, receive notifications.
  • Considered as Best Buy Branded Smart Watch in India 2020.


Best Buy Branded Smart Watch in India.

Topic: Best Buy Branded Smart Watch in India.

Fossil Men’s Gen 4 Explorist Stainless Steel Smartwatch

Color: Silver  Brand: Fossil

Featuring a classic design with modern technology, this Fossil smart watch features a smokeless stainless steel bracelet, and allows you to track your heart rate, receive notifications, customize your disk and more. Google’s Wear OS smart watches are compatible with iPhone and Android phones. Stay informed with messages and notifications delivered directly to your watch and stay in style with the customizable watch face that can be changed to fit your look.

Design And Display

  • Different tray colors and belt materials to choose from.
  • Excellent building, but big.
  • The screen looks good but has a large bezel.

The Q Explorist HR watch is a larger watch – the new Q Qenture HR company for those with smaller wrists – and features a premium metallic design. It is 45mm in size, is located on the largest end of the hours and gives it space for a larger touch screen in the middle.

We don’t know the exact specifications of the screen – for some reason Fossil doesn’t share this information – but it looked bright and clear. We found it easy to move around the screen with our finger because it is larger than some other smart watches.

You have a selection of different designs to choose from. As for the body of the watch, you will find that it comes in blue, silver, black, rose gold, metallic or smoke, and all of them are made of stainless steel.

There are also a variety of belt options including metal or silicone ties. There’s also a leather option – this is the one we’ve reviewed, and we really love it – that has silicone on the inside that makes it comfortable to exercise. You can see all design and belt combinations on the official Fossil website.

Design And Display

The thickness of the case is 13 mm, which is equivalent to the level of the smart watch. It is also water resistant, or what the company calls swimming. Specifically, it has a 3ATM resistance rating, so you’ll be able to take this in a bath or shower without worrying about destroying it.

The right side of the watch has two buttons that you can customize to open the applications you see fit, while in the middle there is a crown that you can rotate to skip menus within the user interface. If you are looking for a watch with a particularly large screen, this is worth placing on the shopping list with potential options.

Be careful, you can still see a relatively thick black bezel revolving around the outside – the screen will not reach the edges of the watch.There’s also always a screen option here which means you’ll always be able to take a quick look at your wrist without lifting it and waking up all the smart features. It’s a small feature, but a nice touch.


The latest Fossil watch looks great and comes full of technology too. It’s not the world’s most advanced smartwatch, but given its price, it’s going to be hard for you to go wrong with this Wear OS.


  • Big and clear screen.
  • Great design.
  • Extended fitness technology.


  • Battery for one day only.
  • Only the charger can be used.
  • Not the latest chipset.

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