Best Buy Branded Home Theater in India

  • 4.1-channel multimedia speakers, center speaker cover type and front speaker cover type: bass reflection.
  • Enjoy powerful bass with a large subwoofer and 80W output.
  • Enjoy wireless music with your mobile phone through Bluetooth streaming.
  • Designed for use with televisions, computers, and music players.
  • USB port for easy connection.
  • Stylish glossy black speaker.
  • Equipped with a remote control.
  • Front speaker dimensions (W x H x D): 10.6 x 18.8 x 9.6 cm.
  • Warranty : 1.5 Years.
  • Considered as Best Buy Branded Home Theater in India.


Best Buy Branded Home Theater in India.

Topic: Best Buy Branded Home Theater in India.

Sony Multimedia Home Theater with Bluetooth

Color: Black  Brand: Sony

Sony has expanded the home audio system in India, launching two new headphones, SA-D40 and SA-D20, on Wednesday. The SA-D40 comes with a 4.1-channel amplifier with an output of 80 watts, while the SA-D20 comes with a 2.1-channel amplifier that produces a 60-watt output.

Sony SA-D40 and SA-D40 speaker systems will be available in black – starting December 13 – across all Sony Center outlets and other major e-store partners in India.

Both the Sony SA-D40 and SA-D20 speaker systems come equipped with Bluetooth, AUX and USB capabilities, allowing both models to wirelessly connect to your smartphone.

The headphones can save up to eight Bluetooth devices for comfortable sharing with other phones. Speaker systems also come with a remote control and one cable for TV connection.


Sony SA-D40 and SA-D20 have a peak frequency of 60 Hz and an 8 cm (Satellite) drive unit. Sony claims that the SA-D40 and SA-D20 provide high-quality sound. “For high-quality sound, the SA-D40 specifically provides a wider peak frequency range that provides comprehensive sound treatment to consumers.

The SA-D40 and SA-D20 are tuned based on the latest Indian movies and music titles by Sony’s sound engineer. From SA-D40 and SA-D20 the best sound with entertainment, “Sony India said in a press release.

By enabling an immersive audio experience, the SA-D40 and SA-D20 4.1 Channel Surround Sound System provides powerful bass sound with a broader sound effect, which contributes to a multi-faceted TV viewing experience by ensuring a true cinema-like sound atmosphere at home. Sony’s audio technology capabilities provide rich sound quality that delivers balanced, accurate sound.

Enjoy pure, high-power audio with our SA-D20 and SA-D20 4.1 multimedia speakers, boosted by 80W and 60W respectively.

Wireless music with Bluetooth and USB

Connect the phone wirelessly to Bluetooth broadcast and enjoy your favorite mobile songs in an enhanced voice. The Bluetooth and USB capabilities of the speakers not only improve the sound of the TV, but also provide easier access to listen to music via smartphone and USB easily. The earphones can also save up to eight Bluetooth devices to facilitate communication.

Easy one-cable connection and easy-to-use remote control

The SA-D40 and SA-D20 are included with one cable required to connect to the TV. With a simple and easy to use remote control, it comes in a handy and handy size.

Cinematic sound with a large subwoofer

Reproduce deep bass with the SA-D40 and SA-D20 large sub-woofer. For high-quality sound, the SA-D40 in particular provides a wider peak frequency range providing comprehensive audio treatment to consumers. SA-D40 and SA-D20 are tuned based on latest Indian movies and music titles by Sony’s sound engineer. Thanks to this, SA-D40 and SA-D20 achieve the best sound with entertainment.

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