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Best Buy Bluetooth Home Theater in India

Best Buy Bluetooth Home Theater in India

  • Total Maximum Power: 400W.
  • Soundbar Weight: 2kg.
  • 5.1 channel amplifiers.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming.
  • Play audio via USB.
  • Subwoofer Weight: 6.9kg.
  • Audio Inputs: Optical-audio input, Analogue audio input (stereo mini), USB type A, Bluetooth, HDMI ARC.
  • Soundbar Dimension: 760 x 52 x 86 mm.
  • Subwoofers Dimensions: 192 x 387 x 342 mm.
  • HDMI Output (Audio Return Channel): 1.
  • Considered as Best Buy Bluetooth Home Theater in India.


Best Buy Bluetooth Home Theater in India.

Topic: Best Buy Bluetooth Home Theater in India.

Sony 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre

Color: Black  Brand: Sony

When you buy a TV, especially a 32-inch or 40-inch device, the sound from the TV speakers is likely to be small, lacking bass and apart from watching TV programs, it lacks the explosion needed to enjoy a movie. The natural choice is to invest in a budget sound bar that gives you a good 2.1 experience.

Upgrading to a 5.1 setting for surround sound experience can be an expensive proposition, especially if you want the convenience of setting up a front speaker-like speaker and satellite speakers. Today, we have Sony HT-S20R with us. It’s a 5.1 setting and at first glance, it looks like a younger brother for Sony HT-RT3.

Build and design

The traditional 5.1 home theater has 5 separate speakers that represent both channels and one subwoofer. With the S20R, we have three front channels in one audio bar that will sit flowing down the TV. There are advantages and disadvantages of this design, which we will highlight in the performance section, but to start building.

The speaker is very well built. It has a metal mesh covering the front, protecting drivers. You can see the drivers through the grill. At the bottom, it has rubber feet that give you a solid grip when placed on a table. You can also install the speaker on the wall if you like.

The good thing about buying this system in India is that you can contact a Sony technician to install the system for you, ensuring that you get the perfect setting for your room. There is no display on the amplifier. The demo is on the subwoofer, which we’ll get to in a little while.

For aesthetic references, the speaker sits flowing under a 32-inch or even 40-inch TV without feeling too large for a setup. It may look pretty small when compared to 55-inch TV, but nothing will make it look out of place.

Cable management for the S20R is the same as what we’ve seen in Sony’s home theater amplifier solutions. The cables come connected to each earphone and end at the back of the subwoofer. This helps to facilitate the cable connection process as each cable is color coded but the downside is that if the cable is cut off, you cannot change it yourself.

The home theater rear speakers are compact, and their build is ideal for those looking to install surrounding surrounds. The S20R’s rear satellite speakers have the same design as the front speaker with the mesh grille on the front that covers drivers and a plastic touch, giving it a very simple look.

We created the home theater in the living room, and its aesthetics and design are not enough to mix with the room and prepare home entertainment. The rear satellite earphones are very light, which makes us feel that they may be a little shaky and may not survive a few drops.

Moving on to the subwoofer, this is the heart of the system. All speaker connections meet at the back of the subwoofer, and that’s where the problem lies. Don’t get me wrong, the wires on the back of each earphone are too long to fit more than the average size of a living room.

The thing is that the audio inputs like the HDMI ARC optical sound, etc. are all at the back of the subwoofer which means that you either need to place the subwoofer under / near your TV which may not be the perfect mode, or you need to invest in HDMI Or a really long audio cable.

We did the latter because putting the submarine under the TV was not working for us. We hope the connectivity options are at the back of the amplifier for easy setup.

The subwoofer also has an LED display that will show you information like input as well as information about sources and the ability to customize decibel levels of amplifiers. It is simple, convenient to use and does not have the intricacies of a dedicated amplifier. Physical controls rest on the subwoofer and are touch sensitive.

In general, the construction of a home theater is good, given its price. It’s minimalistic without any jazzy design, and it’s something we appreciate.

Setup and connection options

When it comes to connectivity, the home theater has an optical audio input, analog audio (mini stereo) input and USB Type A. It also has an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel), however, there is no HDMI input for transit. Setting up a home theater is as easy as asking for a Sony helpline number and waiting for the engineer to start and install it for you.

Just remember, the rear surround headphones should be at the height of the ear and facing you for the best possible experience from the system. Cable management may be a problem for some, but this is where the length of the bundled cables is helpful. There is only a 3.5mm audio cable in the box, so if you need to connect the system via HDMI or optical, be prepared with these cables when purchasing the system.


Music from YouTube Music played mainly on a smartphone and I connected it to the Bluetooth speaker. I played the same music from the YouTube TV app and connected the system via HDMI ARC. I’ve played some fall poets, Charlie Puth, Billy Ilish-Bad Guy, Monkey Dancing – Ringtones, Me And More.

One thing to note is that the system can make a good bass. If you like to listen to music from all the speakers, know that the sound comes from the surrounding speakers as well as from the left and right fronts, giving you a comprehensive sound. However, this may not always be the best experience.

I played the same music through a pair of studio screens, Mackie CR5BT and the music sounded richer and more detailed than the Sony loudspeaker. Studio screens, although the same price as the S20R, don’t have all the features and it’s a 2.0 setting.


It will definitely enhance your TV viewing experience or Music experience. It will also still flow under a small TV without looking at the size. However, her musical performance may not appeal to audiophiles and a noticeable decrease in front channel segregation. HDMI passthrough has been exceeded. If you are new to the world of home theaters and looking to invest in a beginner system as a first-time experience, you can think about the Sony HT-S20R. However, the Sony HT-RT3 offers slightly better performance and features.

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