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Best Buy Air Cooler for Home in India

Best Buy Air Cooler for Home in India

  • 31 liters with alarm for empty water tank.
  • Ice Chamber, Mosquito and Dust Protected.
  • Coverage area: ideal for room size up to 50 cubic meters (leave the door / window open for accidental ventilation and efficient cooling).
  • Warranty: One year on manufacturer defects.
  • Cooling media: The highly effective honeycomb cooling pad and cold flow dispenser ensure superior cooling.
  • Powered by i-pure technology with multi-stage air purification filters such as allergy filter, bacterial filter, odor filter, PM 2.5 washing filter, and dust filter providing fresh cold air and filter.
  • HiCool i’s exclusive Dora Pump guarantees the longevity of the pump.
  • Automatic shutdown: SMPS technology provides voltage fluctuation protection.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use touch control panel with full function remote control and system restore function.
  • Considered as Best Buy Air Cooler for Home in India 2020.


Best Buy Air Cooler for Home in India.

Topic: Best Buy Air Cooler for Home in India.

Symphony HiCool-i Modern Air Cooler (White)

Color: White  Brand: Symphony

When looking for a good desert cooler to beat the summer heat, there are a few prominent brands. One of those brands is Symphony Hi-Cool, Air Cooler. If you are looking for coolers this year, there are some improvements in the traditional cooler technology that you will find interesting.

The Symphony Hi-Cool Air Cooler is engineered to be a heavy-duty cooling machine, which looks just like a cooler that can look and work very well. This cooler features the ability to effectively cool a medium sized room / hall of up to 550 square feet. Usually, one can use it in the bedroom. However, it works very well in the living room or hall.


The Symphony Hi-Cool Air Cooler works best when kept in an area with cross ventilation. Cross ventilation allows excess escape from moisture while keeping the temperature cold. Since it is a powerful coolant, it throws cooled air up to 52 feet. This efficient cooling is due to the new honeycomb design cooling pads.

When it’s so hot during the summer, all you can think of is how to calm your home. Considering your concerns, Symphony has come up with a smart and stylish room air cooler, Hi Cool i, which keeps your place cool with its superior and efficient cooling.

It is a great choice for home, offices and medium sized rooms where you spend a lot of time. What’s more, it does not require any drilling or hose installation. It comes with omni-directional wheels that allow you to use it as a portable unit inside and outside the home without any hassle. It is recommended to use a radiator for bedrooms, as the airflow can be easily adjusted at the bed level.


Experience utterly fast and reliable cooling this summer in your home with Symphony HiCool i 31-Litre Room Cooler. The air cooler features powerful air throw up to 37 feet, with auto swing that circulates cool air across every nook of your room evenly.

Ideal for a room up to 50 m3/1750 ft3, the cooler acts intelligently effective equipped with i-Pure technology. Storing water up to 31 litres, it ensures it won’t run out anytime soon. It also comes with a high-quality ice chamber which retains the coolness of water throughout the day.


The Symphony HiCool i Room Cooler is engineered with a high efficiency honey comb cooling pad. The intelligent air cooler also features humidity control, while its speed and 7-hour sleep timer function can be easily controlled with the user-friendly remote. It is equipped with an empty water tank alarm. Enjoy uninterrupted cooling for relieving yourself from the sultry weather prevalent outdoors.

The HiCool i Room Cooler uses dura-pump technology that ensures durability in operation. Equipped with a mosquito and dust filter, your cooler is well protected from any external damage. Move this air cooler around from room to room at ease and convenience, with its sturdy, multi-directional castor wheels.


After reviewing this air cooler. The Symphony Hi-Cool is the best air cooler to beat the summer heat in 2020. This air cooler provides the high cooling in evening, it has an ice tray to get more chilled air flow. Equipped with a mosquito and dust filter, your cooler is well protected from any external damage.


  • The air cooler provides very effective cooling.
  • They are not too expensive compared to other coolers in their range.


  • The cooler is not compact and small in any way.
  • The cooler comes in a limited set of colors.

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