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Best Buy Acer HD Monitor in India

Best Buy Acer HD Monitor in India

  • FHD (1920 x 1080) – clearer, crisper pictures.
  • ZeroFrame, an ultra-slim display – enhanced enjoyment and maximum visibility.
  • 178 ° wide viewing angle – to maintain image clarity and primary colors.
  • BlueLightShield ™ Technology – Reduces exposure to blue light.
  • Flickerless ™ Technology – Eliminates screen flicker.
  • ComfyView technology and low opacity reduction – reduce reflections from ambient light sources.
  • 2-watt dual speakers – for lifelike sound.
  • Considered as Best Buy Acer HD Monitor in India 2020.


Best Buy Acer HD Monitor in India.

Topic: Best Buy Acer HD Monitor in India.

Acer 21.5 inch Monitor Zero Frame Design

Color: Black  Brand: Acer

Breaking barriers between people and technology. – Since Acer was founded, our common goal has always been to contribute to society. We think the more people have access to technology, the better. This is the reason for our existence. At Acer, we think it takes only one explorer to change the world. We believe that with the right tools, everyone can be this explorer.

We are more than a technology company, we are a smart team of pioneers. Our passion for technology is rooted in what enables people to explore and create. We see it as our responsibility to help people transcend their borders, to arouse curiosity, and to spark discovery with the products we make. We encourage people to explore their potential and the world around them.

Acer devices help people reveal their world faster, better, and safer. If you ask us what to do? Simple: we create tools for the modern-day explorer. Curiosity is the seed of every innovative idea. Wonder and imagination make active minds open to new worlds and ideas. We don’t see problems as things to solve, but as opportunities to understand the ever-changing needs of our end users.

Staying on the threshold of progress allows us to do what we love better, making people’s lives better through technology. Everything we do should drive consumers and customers forward. If this does not improve life, it is not worth making it.

We make products for many, not a few. Our motivation does not come from advertising or prizes, but from seeing real people using our products to navigate and create their world

Eye Catchy Features

  • BlueLightShield technology reduces exposure to potentially harmful blue light by adjusting the hue and brightness. You can easily access and select four different filter settings on the screen via the OSD menu to find the best setting for your task in progress.
  • Flickerless technology eliminates screen flicker by providing a stable screen power supply. This reduces instances of eye strain and other potentially harmful eye diseases when you are involved in long-term gaming sessions.
  • ComfyView ™ reduces the amount of light reflected on the screen for a more comfortable display in various settings.
  • 178 wide-view banners can be seen? And still maintains the clarity of the image and primary colors.
  • For professional editing, get realistic accuracy by adjusting the six-axis color. You will also enjoy perfect color gameplay as it makes your multiple screens the same color.

We feel this situation is somewhat similar to these FHD screens are of great value today as our recommendations for rookie gaming screens will stay with them, but for easy web browsing, office productivity, YouTube, and movie viewing

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