Home Power Banks Best Buy 20000 mah Branded Power Bank in India

Best Buy 20000 mah Branded Power Bank in India

Best Buy 20000 mah Branded Power Bank in India

  • 20000 mAh lithium polymer battery charges the iPhone 8 – 6 Times, Samsung J7 – 4.6 Times, MI Redmi 6A – 4.6 Times, Vivo V3 – 5.4 Times.
  • One click Battery Status.
  • Can Charge 2 devices at a time.
  • No Need to carry an additional cable.
  • Charging the power bank takes up to 12 hours with a 2A wall charger.
  • What you get: One power bank, one cable, one user guide and 180 days warranty. For any defect issues, please contact our brand customer service from 01145911111 from 10 am to 6 pm (Monday to Saturday).
  • Item Weight: – 370g (approx), Battery Type: – Lithium Polymer, Dual USB port output at 5V / 2.4A.
  • Dual USB input via Type C / Micro USB at 5V / 2.1A, portable ergonomic design with hard ABS plastic exterior, feather touch power button on top, simply touch the surface to power the device, high quality chipset with 9 layers of advanced level protection.
  • Considered as Best Buy 20000 mah Branded Power Bank in India.


Best Buy 20000 mah Branded Power Bank in India.

Topic: Best Buy 20000 mah Branded Power Bank in India.

Ambrane Lithium Polymer Power Bank

Color: Black  Brand: Ambrane

Ambrane Stylo 20K is a 20,000 mAh power bank, with a high-density polymer battery, and has a dual-output and inputs via the type C / Micro USB. It is an ideal power reserve for your mobile phones and other gadgets. The need for smartphones and gadgets such as digital cameras, wireless headsets, tablets, etc. in our daily life is a buzz on power banks.

This required utility in our daily life is achieved by Ambrane Power Bank Stylo 20k. Its great design is available in two different colors: white and black. Stylo 20k is dedicated to dual charging port, so one can charge two of their devices at the same time.

The elongated rectangular shape of Stylo 20k attracts you to brag about it in social gatherings. There is a feather power button and a healthy LED lamp at the top of the power bank, which simplifies its use even further. Made of high-quality ABS plastic, the Ambrane is durable and durable. The power bank comes with a manufacturer warranty of 180 days from the date of purchase.

Specification And Features

20000mAh high-capacity polymer battery
Stylo 20K has a 20,000mAh lithium polymer battery with high efficiency and a conversion rate. The battery is more durable, reliable and safer than non-commercial Li-ion batteries.

Built sturdy and durable
The power bank exterior is designed with strong ABS plastic materials that not only give an elegant finish to the product, but also make it more durable and scratch-resistant / marks.

No need to carry an additional cable
Stylo 20k has dual input options – Micro USB / Type C ports. This allows the power bank to charge with either a Micro or Type C cable. So, for all Type C mobile users, you don’t have to carry two separate cables to charge the power bank Or your device.

Ensure comprehensive safety
Stylo 20K is equipped with the best in-class integrated circuits that have more than 9 layers of protection meaning temperature resistance protection, short circuit, reset mechanism, overvoltage protection, incorrect input, overcurrent, output overcurrent protection, and charging Overloading and discharging, cell PTC protection circuits.

Click to see battery status
Stylo 20K comes with a light touch button, located at the top of the power bank, just tap it to turn it on and find out the battery status.

Charge two devices at the same time
Stylo 20K Power Bank allows you to charge two devices simultaneously through two USB ports. The maximum output current is 5V / 2.4A while using both ports.

The Ambrane 20000mAH power bank is a 20000mAh giant to charge two cellphones simultaneously with dual charging output. It also has two options for charging the inputs with a micro USB cable and a Type-C cable. The power bank’s compatibility with two types of cables to charge the inputs and outputs allows the user to comfort with their cables and eliminates the need to carry additional wires to the power bank. The lithium polymer batteries in the power bank make it lightweight and compact compared to other 20000 mAh batteries.

Ambrane lithium-polymer power bank has a high energy conversion rate, which provides more charge for your mobile phone with less mAh energy in the power bank. It has 5V / 2.4A dual USB output. A 20,000mAh battery allows you to charge a 4,000mAh battery four to five times in a single charge.

The power bank contains LED battery indicator and touch buttons, which do not require any operational pressure. Made of high-quality ABS plastic, the Stylo-20K body is durable and sturdy. It can be used to charge various devices such as phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches, etc. with dual USB output. The power bank comes with a 180-day manufacturer warranty, nine layers of slide protection and lasts up to 500 charging cycles.


  • Feather touch button.
  • Durable hard plastic body.
  • The life of about 500 charge cycles.
  • Nine layers of slide protection.
  • 2.4 Fast charging.


  • No flashlight like other Ambrane variants.

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