Home Power Banks Best Buy 10000 mah Power Bank for Travelers in India

Best Buy 10000 mah Power Bank for Travelers in India

Best Buy 10000 mah Power Bank for Travelers in India

  • Fast Charging : Can charge 2 devices as a time in speed.
  • Heavy Duty Power Bank.
  • Best for travelers.
  • Certified Safe: Anker’s Multi Protect safety system provides superior protection for you and your devices.
  • Anker feature: Join over 30 million supported by our leading technology.
  • Compact, Big Power: Amazingly Compact Portable Charger Provides 2.5 Charging for Galaxy S10, or 2.4 for iPhone XS, Recharges in 5.5 Hours with 5V / 2A Charger.
  • 18 month warranty applicable.
  • Considered as Best Buy 10000 mah Power Bank for Travelers in India.


Best Buy 10000 mah Power Bank for Travelers in India.

Topic: Best Buy 10000 mah Power Bank for Travelers in India.

Anker PowerCore Portable Charger for Travelers

Color: Black  Brand: Anker

PowerCore 10000 is the lightest and smallest model with 6.3 oz (180 g) and 12-watt output. It is also the less expensive Power Bank with a capacity of 10,000 mAh from Anker. This portable charger is best suited if you simply want the lighter, smaller power bank at the lowest price.

This portable charger charges iPhones at twice the speed of iPhone Apple Charger, and charges iPhones at speeds ranging from almost zero to 50% in 40-50 minutes. It also charges Android phones with a maximum charging speed of 2.4A or 12W (zero to 35-50% to charge most phones in about 45 minutes) and fully charges in 5.5 hours with a 2A wall charger.


PowerCore II 10000 is an 18W fast-charging power bank weighing 6.9 ounces (195 g). This fast charger supports the fastest charging mode (18 watts max or equivalent Quickcharge 2.0) for the latest Samsung smartphones including S10, S10 +, S9, S9 +, S8, S8 +, Note 8, S7 etc. Fast charging allows you to charge your phone from zero to 50% in 30 minutes.

It will also charge iPhone phones with a maximum charging speed of 12 watts (twice the speed of iPhone chargers for Apple devices or about 50% in 40-50 minutes). Powerbank also has a quick charge input, which means you can fully charge the powerbank with samsung phone charger or any quickcharge wall charger in just 4 hours.

This mobile charger charges iPhone phones with a maximum charging speed of 12 watts (about 50% in 45 minutes). PowerCore II Slim 10000 also supports 18W fast input charging that allows you to fully recharge it with Quickcharge wall charger within 4 hours.

Anker PowerCore Speed ​​10000 QC is the QuickCharge 3.0 power output of only 24 watts (without QC input) weighing 7 ounces (198 g). This is suitable for QC 3.0 phones and has slightly better charging performance for QC 3.0 phones than PowerCore + 10050 (about 80% in 30 minutes) due to the 24W high output.

Once again, this power bank is not recommended if you have a smartphone from Samsung because Samsung only has QC 2.0, and PowerCore II 10000 or PowerCore II Slim 10000 are the lightest and cheapest power bank that will ship Samsung phones to the maximum charging speed.

Please note that Anker PowerCore Speed ​​10000 QC does not have a Quickcharge input and takes 5.5 hours to charge with a 2A wall charger.

Charging performance

We tested PowerCore II with four phone models (iPhone 8, Samsung S8, and LG V20). Iphone 8 has a much smaller battery than 1821 mAh, while other phones have 3000 mAh battery.

The noticeable thing in the PowerCore II 10000 is that there is no heating like with a fast charging power bank. PowerCore II 10000 iPhone 8 ships from 20% to 80% in just 45 minutes and it’s faster than expected with 100% charging in an hour and 7 minutes. Samsung S8 shipped 20% to 100% in just under 40 minutes, while LG V20 shipped 20% to 100% in 44 minutes.

PowerCore II 10000 fully charged iPhone 8 from 20% to 100% four times. It also fully charged Samsung S8 and LG V20 which have much larger batteries from 0% to 100% twice.

The charging voltage is smooth all the time and there is almost no noticeable heating, indicating high-quality batteries and charging circuits.


There are many significant design changes in the new PowerCore II 10000 that make it easier to use and convenient than the previous generation PowerCore 10000. The PowerCore II 10000 features a scratch-resistant, textured exterior that is also easy to grip.

The portable charger also has a very convenient LED battery status indicator that has eight places, conveniently located with a clickable circular button. This feature, previously found in the PowerCore + 10050, is more convenient than the side button, and the eight-point indicator gives a much better idea of ​​the battery capacity than the traditional four LEDs in most power banks.

Powerbank has almost the same dimensions (2.44 x 3.78 x 0.87 inches) as the previous PowerCore 10000. PowerCore II weighs 10,000 7 ounces (210 g) and is slightly higher than the old version. Although it’s small in size, we’re not a fan of its .87-inch thickness.

We feel that the PowerCore II Slim 10000 with a pocket thickness of 0.6 inches and the dimensions of the phone are a much better design so that you can carry the PowerCore II Slim 10000 easily on hand with the phone while charging.

PowerCore II 10000 features a solid build just like previous versions of PowerCore 10000 or Astro. The smooth outer surface with a hard cover underneath makes it more resistant to charge than previous portable chargers as the soft cover absorbs a great deal of impact strength.

The USB connectors on PowerCore II 10000 are durable and of high quality. Our only grip is that the portable charger only has one USB charging port. Another charging port would have made it almost perfect power bank!


Overall, we feel the PowerCore II 10000 is an excellent compact power bank with the fastest 18-watt (50% charge in 30 minutes) for the latest Samsung smartphones, and other LG / Moto Android smartphones and also great for Apple iPhones 7, 7 plus , Provides the fastest possible charging (12W) for iPhone 7, 7+, 6, 6S, etc. However, the latest iPhones 11, 11 Pro, Pro Max, XR / XS / Max / X / 8/8 + speeds from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes will not charge and charge at a slower charging speed of 12W (50% in about an hour one).


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