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Latest Tech NewsOnePlus Nord CE3 5g Leaked Design Is Fake: Report

OnePlus Nord CE3 5g Leaked Design Is Fake: Report

Recently the OnePlus Nord CE3 5g Leaked Design is fake and many people are very happy about this design and they are waiting to buy OnePlus Nord CE3 5g as soon as it arrives.

But there is a new report from OnePlus that the design that is leaking will not be the same design, we have thought something different about it, this time the design will be different.

Because for a long time you can see that the design of all the devices of One Plus has not changed, they are very similar, but this time OnePlus has said that by changing the design, something different will be done this time.

So they also said that the price would be same and leaked features and specifications would also be same as leaked. But there are mane changes in the design. The OnePlus Nord CE3 5g device panel would not come in rounded design. Device is coming with the flat design and flat back panel, bumped with two big camera lenses and one sensor and one flashlight spot. Front camera would be the same as older, there are many chances that the front camera would be inbuilt in display.

Design of One Plus Nord CE 3 5g

In flat back panel it coming with the glossy finish, that will remind us older OnePlus devices. That time in right side panel they are having alert slider buttons.

The device OnePlus Nord CE3 G5 is going to be launched and coming with 12GB of ram and 256GB of storage in India. The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 695. Display will come with refresh rate of 120Hz and 6.7 inch of full HD and LCD display and in side of the panel there is side mounted fingerprint sensor. And the device will also come the the specification on 8Gb of ram and 128GB of storage.

Features And Specification One Plus Nord CE 3 5g

Back camera’s of this device OnePlus Nord CE3 5g are insane, this time they are coming with 108MP primary camera and 12MP of secondary camera. Front camera is coming with 16Mp with that you can take high quality insane selfies. This device will support 67W Superfast Charging. And this device will have 5000mAh of battery capacity.

Some leaked design images

Thank you for reading to the end if you liked this story, Must share with family and friends who are willing to buy OnePlus Nord 3 series in future.

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