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Latest Tech NewsApple 16.3 New Update 4 Main Points of 2023 Latest Tech News

Apple 16.3 New Update 4 Main Points of 2023 Latest Tech News

Hello everyone, Apple has recently launched an update, in which these 4 big news are coming out that what will be seen in this 16.3 update.

Support For The Second Generation HomePod

Apple has added support for HomePod 2nd Generation in new 16.3 update. Befor the launch of HomePod that will cost you $299 and will be release in February 3rd.

New Unity Wallpaper For Black History Month.

To honor the black history and culture, Apple has launched a new unity wallpaper that you will see after the 16.3 update, which you can apply as a wallpaper and on the lock screen.

Use Of Physical Security Key For Two-Factor Authentication.

Any iPhone user who has updated to 16.3 can use the physical security key for two-factor authentication or third party apps.

Fixed Strokes And Line Issue

Using the Apple Pencil, the strokes coming on the screen on the iPad and iPhone and the error in writing something on the share board by hand, that issue has also been fixed in this update.

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